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Raw Feeding for Puppies

In order to support healthy growth, it is important to feed them a healthy, nutritionally balanced & fresh diet. Feeding raw to puppies is probably the best investment you can make.  Their bodies are designed to digest real raw meat, not highly processed foods.

You can introduce your puppy to a raw diet from weaning age. All of our recipes are suitable for dogs at all life stages, making Uberpet suitable as complete raw puppy food.

What is the recommended raw diet for puppies?

The first thing to remember when feeding raw food for puppies is that all puppies are unique. They grow at different rates and will require more food at some stages of their development than others. You should weigh your puppy regularly to ensure they are getting the appropriate amount of nutrition.

The greatest rate of growth in a puppy happens between four and six months. it is often the case that at this stage they will consume more than when they are fully grown. A puppy should be fed more regularly and therefore our recommended raw diet for puppies is four meals a day up until four months of age. This can then be reduced to three meals a day, then two meals a day from six months onwards.

We recommend feeding:

  • Between 8 and 16 weeks feeding around 8% across four meals.
  • Between 16 and 20 weeks feeding around 7% of current weight across four meals per day.
  • Between 20 and 24 weeks feeding around 6% of current weight across three meals per day.
  • Between 24 and 36 weeks feeding 5% of current weight across two meals per day.
  • Around 36 weeks or 9 months feeding 4% of current weight, feeding twice per day.
  • At 56 weeks drop this to 3.5% of current weight, feeding twice per day.
  • From 68 weeks you should move your puppy onto the adult feeding plan.

Puppy Feeding Calculator

With our puppy feeding calculator you can quickly work out their daily food requirement based on their current weight and age.

Uberpet complete raw puppy food

We recommend starting your puppy on our wholesome Chicken Complete meal. This is a great raw food for puppies to start with as it is gentler on their stomach and easily digestible. Ideally, keep your puppy on the Chicken Complete recipe for around three months before you introduce new proteins, such as our turkey, beef or duck complete meals. When feeding raw to puppies, it is often better to mix some of the Chicken Complete with the new flavour to introduce the new protein gradually.

Should you wish to supplement your complete raw puppy food diet, some suitable options are goats’ milk, natural yoghurt and scrambled eggs (made with goats’ milk). These are particularly useful if your puppy is a little choosy with his or her food.

What are the benefits of Uberpet's raw food for puppies?

There are many benefits of feeding raw to puppies; these include healthier teeth, gums, skin and coat, fresher breath, reduced allergy symptoms, help with weight management and smaller, less odorous poop. Find out more here.

For more information, visit our raw food for puppies FAQs page. For further advice on a recommended raw diet for puppies, contact us today or visit the Uberpet shop and order our Chicken Complete raw food to get started.