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Why Feed Raw?

If they could choose, 9 out of 10 dogs would eat food packed with protein, made from fresh natural ingredients. They know it’s what they need to thrive not simply survive.

Today, it’s never been so easy and convenient to feed your dog a natural raw diet. Our food is nutritionally balanced, delivered frozen and comes in a range of recipes to suit every taste. It’s worth remembering humans are the only species who actually cook their food.

A Raw Diet

A raw diet is an uncooked and unprocessed blend of meat, bone & offal along with selected fruit, vegetables and herbs. Due to it being uncooked it retains all the natural goodness that heavily processed wet and dry foods don’t. Let’s face it if dogs could cook, they wouldn’t, so why feed them processed cooked food.

Your Dog's Physiology

Dogs are carnivores, and that’s why they have large canine  teeth to bite, grip and tear up food, chewing and breaking down meat and bones. Dogs have a short digestive tract that’s designed specifically to process a ‘nutrient-packed’ fresh meat diet. Due to the short  digestive tract dogs are unable to process grains.

Raw for your Dog

A dog’s natural instinct is to eat a high meat protein diet to ensure they thrive and not just survive. Consuming heavily processed dry food contributes to many health issues both in the short and long term for your dog. Eating fresh natural ingredients to stay healthy applies to our dogs as well as to us humans.

We've All Been Led To Believe A Myth

For years the pet food industry has been placing poor quality ingredients into our dogs food whilst making unscrupulous claims of the health benefits for our dogs knowing full well the ingredients were actually contributing negatively to the health and wellbeing of our dogs. Dogs should be fed fresh natural unprocessed ingredients. We have all been led to believe that feeding our dogs highly processed pellets is acceptable. But the truth is a balanced raw diet full of fresh natural ingredients is BEST.

Treat Your Dog To A Healthier Future

Meals & Ingredients

Uberpet only select the ingredients your dog needs to thrive

Benefits of Raw

Feeding a fresh natural diet provides your dog with so many benefits

Getting Started

Switching your dog to a healthy natural diet is simple