Top Tips to keep your dog safe this Christmas.

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  1. Ensure your dog is warm enough at night. Make sure there are no cold draughts where they sleep – treat them to a new donut bed for them to snuggle into.
  2. Don’t forget to wash their beds or bedding regularly at 30 degrees. Fleas can be very active in centrally heated homes and your dog will get dirtier playing out in winter!
  3. When the heating is on and there are lots of people at home during Christmas make sure there is somewhere cool and quiet for your dog to retire to for his or her siesta.
  4. Remember to keep an eye on your dog’s weight over the Christmas period. Fluffy winter coats can hide weight loss or gain. Sometimes more walks and winter temperatures result in your dog needing more calories to maintain their weight.
  5. Never give your dog festive human food. Although not all food is toxic it can easily upset your dog’s stomach and no-one wants that at Christmas!
  6. Salt and grit on pavements will sting your dogs nose. Make sure you steer clear and give those paws a thorough clean and dry when you get home. Give the hair around your dog’s nose a trim to prevent grit and snow/ice sticking to it.
  7. Be seen during these dark mornings and nights. Illuminous collars, harnesses and coats will all help you be seen and safe.
  8. Watch the temperature outside – if it is minus 5 degrees Celsius or lower keep walks to a minimum for toilet breaks. Make sure you take wind chill into account and ensure you thoroughly dry your dog after a wet walk.
  9. Your dog may get lots of treats as Christmas presents – don’t be tempted to give them all at once. Pop them into the cupboard and spread them out in the new year!
  10. Invest in your dog’s future health by choosing a food which will provide them with all the fresh natural ingredients they need to strive – choose Uberpet for 2020!