Top Tips on Caring for Dogs in Hot Weather

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During the summer months, dog owners need to be aware of the importance of caring for dogs in hot weather. Understanding the effect of heat on their pooches and how best to minimise the discomfort is important. Overheating and potential heat stroke in dogs manifests itself with heavy panting, drooling, instability and red gums.

Here are five top tips to avoid overheating dogs in hot weather

  1. When walking dogs in hot weather, keep your walks short and in the shade, keeping your dog cool.
  2. Keep your dog’s exertion low – even if your dog loves running off the lead try to avoid this as overexertion will increase his/her temperature and the chances of heat stroke in dogs.
  3. Walk early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler.
  4. Avoid hot pavements or road which may burn your dog’s paws.
  5. Keep them occupied and active in the home with a stuffed and frozen KONGs this will keep dogs engaged, extending playtime with a healthy, long-lasting, mentally stimulating challenge.

Some breeds are more susceptible to overheating and should be monitored more closely during high temperatures. To avoid heat stroke in dogs you should keep a particular eye on these breeds of dogs in hot weather:

  1. Flat nosed dogs such as Pugs, Bulldogs and Pekingese. This is because of their breathing and therefore their panting is less efficient in cooling them.
  2. Dogs with thick coats such as Huskies and Akitas.
  3. Large dog breeds struggle to keep cool such as St Bernards.
  4. Older dogs with health issues and overweight dogs.

Hot weather and dogs do not mix. Here are five top tips for keeping your dog cool?

  1. Water is always important when caring for dogs in hot weather – don’t let your dog get dehydrated. Take water when walking your dog. They should always have access to water at home or in the garden also. You can even go the extra mile and pop a paddling pool in the garden.
  2. Shade is important when keeping your dog cool, so erecting a gazebo in the garden is a great idea.
  3. Most houses have a cooler area whether it be a room with a tiled or wooden floor or one with good ventilation. Add in a cooling fan and you have the perfect cool room for your dog.
  4. If it is really hot you could also try ice packs or cool pads. These are commercially available but an alternative can be towels soaked in cold water or ice wrapped in a towel in your dog’s basket.
  5. What about grooming? Make sure you remove as much insulating fluff as possible. Dogs will normally be shedding in the summer months – daily grooming will remove the excess hair, keeping your dog cool.

These are just some hints and tips about caring for dogs in hot weather. Keeping them fed and well-nourished is also important and raw dog food is a great source of protein that will help your dog continue to thrive even when it is hot, Visit Uberpet’s online shop today and order your hamper.