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Our raw dog food calculator is for adult dogs based on their activity levels, for our puppy feeding calculator click here. Try it now to see how much your dog should eat.


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"There is a lot of talk about raw food and what it can do. I was in the “non believer” side. I met the guys from Uberpet at a dog show and whilst my 2 springers made short work of the sample food they spoke with great knowledge about their raw food offering. Purchasing and setting up a subscription was easy to do and a discount was nice. Steve (the springer) was a dog that didn’t know how to switch off, couldn’t relax and was always on the go. His fur was in good condition but more wiry than Nigel's (other springer). One week of Uberpet raw food and his coat is perfect and shines, he is much calmer and responds to training better. He knows how to relax now. So if you are unsure, give them a go for 2 weeks, see how easy they are to talk to and understand what you need and see the difference for yourself!!! Thanks guys and keep up the good work."

Raw feeding provides an opportunity to feed your pooch fresh, natural dog food that is as close as possible to their natural diet. It also can have fantastic benefits for your dog’s overall health. Knowing how much to feed your dog is as important as knowing how much to feed yourself.

Uberpet’s Raw Dog Food Calculator

Here at Uberpet, we have developed a raw dog food calculator to help you work out how much food your dog needs. The recommended amount to feed your dog is 2-3% of their body weight. However, you will need to consider their age and activity levels before you begin raw feeding your dog.

Here are our recommendations.

  • If your dog is elderly or overweight, start with 2% of their ideal bodyweight.
  • If your dog is underweight, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.
  • If your dog has high activity levels, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.

Visit our Puppy feeding  section for our puppy feeding calculator.

Now that you have used our raw dog food calculator and understand how much dog food you need, you can begin raw feeding your dog in a matter of days. To order your natural raw dog food today, click on the link below to go to the Uberpet online shop.

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Our recipes have been developed to meet your dogs’ needs replicating what they would naturally select. Try them on Uberpet today