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Use our raw dog food calculator to see how much your dog should eat?

Our raw dog food calculator is for adult dogs, please get in touch for puppy feeding guidance.

The calculator daily costs are based on our medium mixed variety hamper. The prices will vary depending on the chosen hamper.

Raw feeding provides an opportunity to feed your pooch fresh, natural dog food that is as close as possible to their natural diet in the wild. It also can have fantastic benefits for your dog’s overall health. Knowing how much to feed your dog is as important as knowing how much to feed yourself.

Uberpet's Raw Dog Food Calculator

Here at Uberpet, we have developed a raw dog food calculator to help you work out how much food your dog needs. The recommended amount to feed your dog is 2-3% of their body weight. However, you will need to consider their age and activity levels before you begin raw feeding your dog. 

Here are our recommendations.

  • If your dog is elderly or overweight, start with 2% of their ideal bodyweight.

  • If your dog is underweight, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.

  • If your dog has high activity levels, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.


Visit our Puppy feeding for more information on how much raw food to give them.

Use our raw dog food calculator and order natural dog food from Uberpet today

Now that you have used our raw dog food calculator and understand how much dog food you need, you can begin raw feeding your dog in a matter of days. To order your natural raw dog food today, click on the link below to go to the Uberpet online shop.