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Raw Feeding Ltd t/a Uberpet, England, Registered No. 10746291

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Here are what some of our customers have to say.

Boris used to be very stressed in certain situations, more than other dogs we knew. Since starting him on Uberpet he has calmed right down and seems easier to train (like he is concentrating better), he was mad as a box of frogs sometimes. 


He has also lost 1kg as recommended by the vets and he is now his ideal weight.Family & friends have all commented on how Bozzer's behaviour/manner has improved/calmed. 


Delivery fab, quick and easy.  Packaging box is a bit cumbersome, but I understand that it is to keep it frozen.

Louise Endersby

We’ve been feeding our Labrador Uberpet for 6 months and the results are fantastic, so much so people comment on how good he is looking. His coat is shinier, his breath doesn’t smell as bad and eating a raw diet has helped his teeth to be cleaner than ever. He doesn’t have big poo’s anymore because there is not as much waste in the food and before he suffered from his anal glands filling up and not emptying which meant trips to the vet when he was dragging his bum on the floor , but that seems to be a lot better since switching foods.  


More importantly he loves the food. He is now a much healthier dog all round than when I was feeding him on other dog foods. The complete service and product from Uberpet is top class and we have a very happy Labrador! I just wish we’d have known about the benefits of feeding him a raw diet when we got him as we would never have fed him a kibble, he would have been on a raw diet from day one.

Sian (Flower Lounge)

Our dog Bobby loves Uberpet food. Orders are delivered promptly and are good quality.

Alan Fowler

My 3 cockapoos were fussy eaters, not really interested in dinner time. Now they start reminding me it’s dinner time at least half an hour before and oh the excitement when I start to put it in their bowl jumping, barking, squeals of anticipation and delight, they can’t get enough!! Healthy happy pups

Karen Mackenzie

We’ve fed our 6 yr old Lab Charlie kibble all of his life until recently. I was getting concerned with how dirty his teeth were getting. No amount of me brushing them seemed to make any difference so I switched his treats to fish skins which made a massive change. That got me thinking about switching to a raw diet and after meeting Michael at a Makers Market we decided to give it a go.

That has turned out to be the best decision we’ve made in regards to Charlie, everything from the whiteness or his teeth, the quality of his coat, the amount of energy etc has improved massively. I cannot recommend this product enough to other dog owners and we will never go back and feed Charlie kibble ever again.

Stephen Clarke

I have been feeding Ruben raw now for a few years, but I have been buying it from pets at home. I came across Uberpet at my friends groomers Urban Paw and I tried a few flavours. Well Ruben is now hooked. I now buy direct online and Michael kindly delivers promptly just in time for me refilling my freezer.

My first impression of the food once it defrosted was how GOOD it smelt. It’s so well made and includes garlic and turmeric in the ingredients which I’m very impressed with. Rubens coat is shiny, he looks so healthy and in good shape. His digestion is a million times better ... I mean no more bottom burps.

When I put it out for him there’s no fussing, I know he is definitely enjoying the flavours. Rubens quite a slow eater and sometimes used to leave some of his food, but not this! No waste and perfect sized portions for Him. I couldn’t recommend this food enough it’s just the best.

Katie Hayes

The main difference we have noticed is that he is really looking forward to his food - he loves the variety of flavours!


The delivery is super quick - often beating the promise on the website.

We would definitely recommend to anyone. .

Ryan Dawson

Having struggled to get my beyond fussy Bichon Frise to eat much of anything to then seeing her wolf down her food with delight is enough of a recommendation for Uberpet alone! She has bundles more energy and it’s such a pleasure to see her actually enjoying her food! The purity of what she is eating is evident in her behaviour, energy and multiple allergies that seemed to have calmed! It’s so easy to order online and the food arrives to your door with simple instructions on the amount to feed. Five star service and five stars from the happy tummy of Betty

Jodie Leah Thompson

Our 2 Labradoodles puppies have been on Uberpet meals for 3 months now and they love all the different flavours. We're happy too that they get all the natural goodness at a reasonable price. We have 2 very healthy pups who will be having Uberpet food all the way into adulthood. Well done guys

Lee Roy Gregson

A far superior product to others being offered around. I can’t praise these guys highly enough. Service and product is first class!

Chris Cunliffe