Our Autumn Newsletter

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Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Uberpet Newsletter.

First of all we would like to send a special thank you to all our new subscription customers.

By joining our Subscribe & Save service you too could save 15% off all your future hampers. Not only does this guarantee great value but you never have to worry about re-ordering.

How does it work? Choose either a medium or large hamper, choose the flavours and choose the period between hampers. We will automatically take payment and arrange delivery of your chosen hamper on your chosen dates. A medium variety hamper every 3 weeks? – no problem. A large single protein hamper every 6 weeks? – no problem.

If you are interested in trying our Subscribe & Save service email us at subscribe@uberpet.co.uk with your contact number and we will give you a call to set up your next delivery – with 15% off!

Products of the Month

This month we are focusing on our single protein Complete Meals. Most companies mix proteins in their meals due to cost or availability. We at Uberpet want to give our customers the widest choice and the ability to choose meals based upon their dog’s requirements. With Uberpet you can choose precisely which proteins to feed which is great for dogs with allergies, food sensitivities or weight management issues. You can even use them as a tool to find out exactly which proteins are causing issues such as itchy skin, sticky eyes or upset tummies.

And as with all our meals they are grain and filler free. You can choose from Chicken, Turkey, Beef or Duck and all our hampers are available in one flavour.

Subject of the month – Arthritis

With winter approaching we of an elderly persuasion know that the cold can affect our joints. Unfortunately, this also affects thousands of dogs in the same way.

Around 80% of older dogs suffer from some form of arthritis and it is important that we as owners know what to look for. The joints most susceptible are those which allow free movement. Arthritis develops as the joint cartilage becomes pitted and cracked. This happens most commonly through wear and tear.

What are the signs of arthritis in dogs?

You will notice that your dog is sleeping more – and therefore moving around less. He or she will experience difficulty getting up after rest and slowing down on walks. You may also see a reluctance to jump into the car.

There are no cures for arthritis but there are preventive actions you can take to reduce the chance of developing severe arthritis or helping to minimise symptoms.

  1. Keep your dog fit and healthy – don’t let your dog become overweight. Common-sense but crucial in reducing strain on joints.
  2. Choose the right food – we include Turmeric which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and the bones in our meals are rich in calcium to help maintain healthy bones and joints.
  3. Exercise sensibly – dogs with arthritis will struggle with longer walks, shorter but more frequent walks will help to minimise the discomfort.

Bonfire Night approaches….

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November… five tips to help your dog cope with the bangs and whizzes.

  1. Exercise your dog when you are least likely to come across fireworks. That means earlier in the day and certainly not during the dark hours.
  2. During the evening play some low background noise – whether TV or music to help soothe or mask noises from outside. This can be helpful when you are out too.
  3. Keep your curtains or blinds closed. These will act as a barrier against some of the noise and light.
  4. Create a little den for your dog where your dog can retreat if they feel scared.
  5. Keep calm – any nervousness from you about the situation can easily be picked up by your dog. If you don’t react to the fireworks they will feel more confident.

If your dog really suffers during this time of year you can buy calming pheromones – these produce chemicals which help your dog relax. Ideally you need to start these 2 or 3 weeks before the event. There are also some vet prescribed medicines which will sedate your dog – these are of course a last resort.

If you have any questions or would like any further information on Uberpet or our articles please contact us at hello@uberpet.co.uk or visit our website at www.uberpet.co.uk