My dog’s poop is fine isn’t it?

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A lot of people, whether new to dog ownership or seasoned owners don’t correlate the quality of the input (food) with the quality of the output (poo). Owners deal with big smelly poos, varying consistency, really hard poos (rare) or really runny (very common).

Not enough water or the dog having eaten something it shouldn’t may be the cause but often any problems of consistency will be down to the food. The quality of the poo is a window into your dogs’ digestive system and how efficiently it is operating.

A large smelly output suggests that your dog is not digesting the food. So, if your dog is pooing a lot (more than twice a day) or regularly has runny poos a change in diet may be the solution.

Why is raw food better? Uberpet complete meals contain a high percentage of meat – typically over 75% and bone. You will see a much smaller and firmer poo because more of the majority of the food is digested. Roughly 70% is digested leaving 30% to be expelled. With dry food it can be up to 70% which is expelled! A firmer poo works the anal glands and reduces or eradicates any problems here. The poo is nicer to pick up and smells far less. You may even get just one poo a day!

But the benefits don’t stop there. The food is healthier – so your dog is healthier.