Let’s talk about Poop

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One of the first obvious benefits of raw dog food is the smaller, less smelly poos.

Typically, small firm balls of poop which are much easier and nicer to pick up. Your dog may even poop less frequently.

These firmer poops also help your dog express their anal gland avoiding potential infections and smelly bottoms!

Why are they smaller and firmer? Roughly 70% of kibble or dry food is expelled whilst comparatively a raw food diet will reduce this to around 30%. This is because more of the valuable proteins, minerals and vitamins are absorbed by your dog. The firmness is due to the bone in the raw food.

Don’t be surprised if the first couple of poops are uneven – this is your dog’s body being detoxified.

You will also notice a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, brighter eyes and cleaner ears. Any allergy symptoms should be reduced or eradicated purely because there are no artificial ingredients or unnecessary additives in raw food.