Keeping your dog safe in the cold.

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A dogs welfare in cold weather is often overlooked but as long as you are sensible there is nothing to worry about. In most instances all you need to do is reduce the walk time and therefore reduce the length of exposure to the cold.

Here’s our 5 top tips for cold weather walking.

  1. Always take into account the wind chill. Remember your dog has a fur coat but is not impervious to wind.
  2. If it is raining or there is wet snow always reduce your walk time. A wet dog will feel the cold much sooner. And always ensure you dry them thoroughly when you get home!
  3. Some dog breeds are more susceptible – a St Bernard, Husky or Akita will have a lot more cold weather stamina than a short haired dachshund.
  4. The size of your dog also matters – smaller dogs feel the cold sooner.
  5. Elderly dogs, dogs with health conditions and puppies are more susceptible to cold temperatures.
  6. If the temperature is really cold (and we are talking minus 5 degrees Celsius or colder) you should only be taking your dog out for toilet breaks. Luckily we rarely see such temperatures in this country.

Just remember enjoy playing in the snow with your dog!