Give your dog a healthy start this January

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Everyone over-indulges during the festive season and I bet man’s best friend has been getting a few extra treats too! Why should humans be the only ones to enjoy a healthy start?

Here’s our top five ways to ensure you maintain your dog’s health!

  1. You are what you eat! Only eat the best food possible – Uberpet Complete meals offer a natural and healthy alternative to those dry and canned foods. A recent study suggested that over 10 million pet owners do not know what is in their pet’s food. Here at Uberpet we want people to start reading the ingredients on their dog’s food and to realise that although convenient dry food contains ingredients that a dog would not choose to eat.
  2. Commit to more exercise. All dogs love to be out and about whether it’s a visit to the beach, the park or a walk to the pub. Incorporate your dog’s exercise into your daily routine.
  3. Exercise the mind. Whether your dog has issues with recall or funny little habits why not contact your local dog training centre? They welcome dogs of any age and despite the famous saying it is never too late to teach a dog new tricks.
  4. Dogs love playing with other dogs. Socialising helps with behaviour issues and offers stimulation to your dog. Why not arrange a play date with your friend’s dogs. Perhaps a day at the beach or local park.
  5. Remember that an annual visit to the vets is crucial to keep up-to-date with injections and to monitor your dog’s wellbeing.


Obviously we think the most important way to keep your dog healthy is to choose your dog food very carefully. We tend to take it for granted that the larger brands have our dog’s interests at heart but at the end of the day it is about making a profit. That’s why some brands have such small amounts of meat ingredients. The worst we have seen is less 5% meat. With Uberpet you get a minimum of 75% meat in our complete meals. That’s 15 times more meat in our meals!

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