Do you know what the biggest threat to canine health is?

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Have a guess – it begins with O.

Did you know that the prevalence of dog obesity is now over 50%. That means out of every two dogs you see one of them is overweight. This is a frightening statistic given the medical consequences. Evidence suggests that a dog’s life can be shortened by up to two and a half years, there is a higher prevalence of osteoarthritis, cancer, cardiac and respiratory problems, reproductive disorders, urinary diseases, diabetes and pancreatitis.

So Why are so many dogs overweight?

Although there may be some genetic aspect the vast majority of dogs are simply overfed or under-exercised or a combination of both.

Firstly, it is very common for people to under-estimate their dog’s weight. This is crucial when calculating how much food to feed them. Many people just guess without weighing their dog or measuring out the correct amount of food.

Secondly, people don’t look at the food packaging or ingredients of their dog food. Not all foods are the same with some having a higher calorific value than others. It is easy to buy a bag of kibble that looks the same but the ingredients can vary widely.

Healthy eating doesn’t only apply to humans. You can choose to feed your dog healthier food. Food which is much richer in protein and reflects what your dog’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild.

A dog’s digestive system hasn’t changed in thousands of years so why did we start feeding them processed foods? The answer is simple. Cost and Convenience.

However healthy eating doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can choose a food which offers everything a dog would find in the wild and still get it delivered to your door in convenient packaging for the same price or cheaper than a premium dry food.

Next time you feed your dog have a look at the ingredients on the pack. Some dry food can have as little as 4% meat and even this can be meat derivatives (unidentified meat). Canned food is usually much higher but most peak at 40%. Whilst meat or protein content is important have a look at all the additives. There will be lots of ingredients you won’t recognise. This is because dry food (and to a lesser extent canned food) needs to stay fresh for up to 30 days or much longer in the case of tinned dog food.

If you are surprised at what is in your dog’s food you aren’t alone. Many owners simply don’t know what they are feeding their dog. If they did they would make a positive choice and opt to buy a healthy option.

Uberpet Complete meals are one of the healthy options. A minimum of 75% meat (which is clearly identifiable) and no artificial ingredients, just fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. Why try our sample pack and give your dog the healthy choice.