Duke's Journey from Dry to Raw

Looking back now, I still don’t understand why raw feeding is the pet food industry’s best kept secret. But I’m glad it’s one I now know.

You might be the same – healthy dog, no challenging behaviours, no trouble getting him to eat and it’s easy to get large bags of kibble every few weeks from the supermarket or local pet superstore. Job done, good pet owner box ticked. And it’s cheap too.

I’d been a pet owner for 10 years before I heard about raw. Usual story. I spoke to a friend who’d discovered raw feeding and wasn’t just converted, they wanted to shout about it from the rooftops. I now get how they feel.

So first a few questions for you. Do you know how much your dog needs to eat a day? Do you know what ingredients your dog should eat? And what they shouldn’t? I didn’t’. Bag of kibble bought, corner snipped off, free pour and store open in the cupboard. Same flavour every time, brand switch for the best deal and I never thought about freshness or storing the kibble in an airtight container. Looking back, whilst Duke is a massive part of our family, I didn’t treat his mealtimes as I treat ours.

So how did I make the leap? Like I say, a converted friend, did a great sales pitch. Healthier, happier dog and less poo. My interest piqued I did some research and found many testimonials shouting about the benefits of raw feeding even for healthy dogs.

If you’ve done your research already, you’ll know the key points

  • Grains are indigestible to a dog which is the main ingredient in kibble along with many artificial additives
  • Raw feeding has a high-meat content and is a complete meal with natural supplements and vegetables

I chose Uberpet for Duke. Complete, high-meat content meals based on what a dog would choose for themselves if they could. It comes frozen and is fresh when frozen so fresh when defrosted too.

Now I won’t lie, we’ve had to make a few adjustments. Duke now has his own shelf in the freezer and occasionally needs a little room on my ice cream shelf. When I received my first hamper, there was a leaflet telling me how to store, prepare and feed the meal and that all important question – how much? For Duke each 500g tray lasts 2 days, so I know how much I need and when. I have a routine now and Duke has his own plastic container in the fridge which his meal defrosts and is stored in.

Now if I took a little time to find about raw feeding, to do my research and make the switch, Duke needed no convincing. From the very first time I put the meal in front of him, he wolfs it down and licks the bowl for another 10 minutes after just to make sure he’s got every last morsel. I know that’s not the case for everyone. For some it can take a little longer and the team at Uberpet have lots of tips if your dog is a little reluctant at first.

For me, it’s the best thing I’ve done for Duke. I feel better in terms of the meals I’m providing for him – complete, tailored nutrition for dogs, free from artificial ingredients and different flavours every few days. I love cheese but I don’t want it for every meal, every day, week, month and year.

And my healthy, happy dog is healthier and happier. He smells less, has smaller less smelly poops and his coat has never been glossier. He’s sleeker, and his breath is positively fragrant compared to kibble breath!

I can see Duke’s leap from a boring diet of everyday sameness in his manner and behaviour every day and as all my fellow raw feeders say, I will NEVER go back to dry food.

Christine & Duke

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