Frequently asked questions about Raw Food for Puppies

Starting your puppy on a raw diet is probably the best investment you can make as it is important to feed a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet in order to support healthy growth. A puppy can be introduced to a raw diet from weaning age.

Your puppy’s body is designed to digest real, raw meat, not highly processed foods which can contain starchy grains, meat meals, meat derivatives and sugars. Dogs have powerful crushing jaws, strong stomach acids, and a short meat-eaters digestive tract to process a completely natural diet.

Begin by feeding 5% – 8% of their body weight per day split between the meals.

We recommend feeding:
Between 8 and 16 weeks feeding around 8% across 4 meals.
Between 16 and 20 weeks feeding around 7% of current weight across 4 meals per day.
Between 20 and 24 weeks feeding around 6% of current weight across 3 meals per day.
Between 24 and 36 weeks feeding 5% of current weight across 2 meals per day.
Around 36 weeks or 9 months feeding 4% of current weight, feeding twice per day.
At 56 weeks drop this to 3.5% of current weight, feeding twice per day.
From 68 weeks you should move your puppy onto the adult feeding plan

The greatest rate of growth in a puppy happens between four and six months. It is often the case that at this stage they will consume more than when they are fully grown.

It is important to remember is that all puppies are unique, they grow at different rates and will require more food at some stages of their development than others. You should weigh your puppy regularly to ensure they are getting the appropriate amount of nutrition.

A puppy should be fed more regularly than an adult dog and shouldn’t be given their whole day’s ration at once. Divide the daily ration into four portions for puppies under three months old. Do three portions for puppies between three and six months of age. And for pups, six months to 1-year-old, do two portions.

Spread these meals out over the day at three to four hourly intervals. You don’t have to stick to these guidelines rigidly. A raw fed puppy may not want to eat this frequently. If your three-month-old puppy only wants to eat twice a day and is thriving, then that is OK.

Start your puppy on our wholesome Chicken Complete Meal which will be gentle on your puppy’s stomach and therefore easily digestible. We recommend you keep your puppy on the Chicken Complete for around three months before you introduce new proteins such as our Turkey, Beef or Duck Complete Meals. It is often better to mix some of the Chicken Complete with the new Meal being introduced.

A puppy can be introduced to a raw diet from weaning age. They also can easily be transitioned on to a raw diet whilst they are a puppy even if they haven’t been weaned on to raw food. When changing their diet do it gradually over a number of days mixing old with new. Start with 25% raw to 75% of their current food, each day increasing the amount of raw and decreasing their previous food until they are on 100% raw.

Your puppy is likely to be coming to you having already been fed on a raw diet and so there is little chance that the puppy will not take to the raw food. If you do experience any problems, it could well be to do with a change in their environment and it may take some time reintroducing them to the raw food in their new home. A good way of doing this is to sprinkle a small amount of cheese on the top of the food to draw their sense of smell to the food.

It’s advisable you don’t crowd or stand over your puppy while he is eating raw meat. The idea is to avoid your puppy from “gulping” down large lumps of food at once. They are more likely to do this if they think you are going to take their food away. Let your puppy eat in peace as raw meat is very valuable to dogs and they may worry you’ll take it away if you hang around while they eat.