Frequently asked questions about Dogs with Allergies

The most common symptoms will be seen visibly, such as excessive itching, scratching, grooming, digging; rashes; sneezing; irritated and itchy eyes; paw chewing; and skin inflammation. As well as skin irritations, allergies to food may produce vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

The most common causes of dog allergies are triggered by the allergens found in pollen, plants and insects or a reaction to an ingredient in their diet. Some of the most common food allergies in dogs include wheat, corn, soy, chicken and eggs; as well as preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings found in dry kibble foods.

If the allergy is caused by food the best approach is to try and eliminate the offending ingredient(s) from their diet. If they are currently eating a diet with multiple ingredients with processed and artificial ingredients, start by switching them to a more natural recipe with fewer ingredients such as a complete raw meal. Once they have transitioned you will be able to see if the symptoms have been eliminated by removing the wheat, corn and soy as well as the artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings.

If the allergy is caused by food and you can remove this from their diet you can eliminate the symptoms.

Often switching to a higher quality dog food that does not contain any grains, fillers and artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives eliminates the allergy. A natural raw diet such as Uberpet can be suitable to help reducing allergy symptoms as it does not contain any processed or artificial ingredients.

Uberpet’s single protein recipes are 100% Natural, providing the nutrients your dog needs without causing or enhancing the effects of allergies.