Frequently asked questions about Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF)

This is food that contains the same balance and type of ingredients as consumed by those wild ancestors and in the same form: Raw.

Australian vet, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, was one of the first vets to make the connection between canine health and diet. In his first book, he explains that he saw patient after patient coming in with the same persistent health issues, all of which seemed impossible to treat. He began to realise he should be looking at prevention rather than cure. This led him to realise how much the diet was causing these symptoms. By switching his patients from highly processed diets, to the natural fresh ingredients that mimics what a dog would naturally select in the wild, he saw significant improvements in their overall health. He advises “The result of this healthy raw evolutionary diet can be a reduction in many common health problems such as obesity, arthritis, allergies, autoimmune disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastro-intestinal conditions, kidney disease and so many more.”

The Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding method consists of raw muscle meat, bone and offal. 80:10:10 refers to the ratio in which these should be present in the diet: 80% meat, 10% organ meat, 10% bones. This is what your dog needs to thrive.

Yes, the Raw food method is safe for dogs, as it is simply 100% natural food. With very few exceptions, nearly all dogs thrive on raw food. Only dogs that have a compromised immune system or have recently had bowel surgery shouldn’t eat a 100% natural diet. If in doubt about your dog’s suitability, please call us to discuss further.

Not at all. As humans we’re conditioned to question eating raw meat – we don’t do it – but then we’re not dogs. Dogs evolved eating bones and raw food so we’re getting dogs back to their roots. And at Uberpet, we’re doing it in a way which makes it easy and risk-free for you too. We have systems and processes in place to mitigate any unnecessary risks. Our meals are created from British-sourced meat and ingredients and are frozen to -22 degrees, so the meals last longer and are easier to transport and handle. Remember to always follow safe food handling practices at home, as you do with your own food.

It is important to know how much to feed your dog, as being overweight can be a serious problem for their health. The recommended amount to feed your dog is 2-3% of their ideal bodyweight, though you will need to consider their age & activity levels to find the optimum amount for your dog.

We would suggest starting your dog on 2.5% of their bodyweight and then see if you need to increase or decrease this depending on your dog. Additionally,
• If your dog is elderly or overweight, start with 2% of their ideal bodyweight.
• If your dog is underweight, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.
• If your dog has high activity levels or is a working dog, start with 3% of their ideal bodyweight.

For feeding your puppy a raw food diet please see our puppy feeding page.