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Common Misunderstandings

We know it’s a big deal when you change your dog’s diet so we thought it would be helpful to explore some of the common misunderstandings about dog food.

Expensive food is the best

A lot of people assume that the more you spend the higher the quality of food and therefore choose a brand because of its perceived quality. The surprise is that many big brand foods offer only marginal improvements in terms of protein content and natural wholeness over cheaper alternatives. The easiest way to see this is to look at the ingredients on the label. Many big brand foods still do not specify the type of protein and quote “derivatives” of meat and contain large amounts of filler – usually grain which dogs cannot digest. Always check the label.

Dry food is healthy

Dry food brands always focus on the healthiness of the food they offer. It’s a little-known fact that dry food was invented to offer a cheap and convenient food source for domestic dogs. It allows dogs to survive but there is no researched evidence to show that a dog will be healthier eating dry food than food it was designed to eat. All we know is that advertising works – dog food brands have been spending millions on advertising for decades.

Grain-free food is better

This is an odd development in the evolution of dry food. From the very start dry food has used grains to offer bulk to a food low in quality protein. Some dry foods have over 60% grain. Why should dry food brands decide that a grain-free alternative should be offered?
The offer of grain-free food is a direct response to dogs being diagnosed with grain allergies. So, what do they replace grain with? Oddly they do not choose protein but typically vegetables or tubers. The replacements tend to be higher in carbohydrate which can exacerbate digestive issues.

Raw food is dangerous

This is a myth that is easily dispelled. We handle our own raw food on a day to day basis with no issues, by ensuring we wash our hands, utensils or dishes we have used in hot soapy water. The same applies to your dog’s bowl, storage containers and your hands after handling your dog’s food, make sure you wash everything in hot soapy water.
Your dog is designed to eat raw food – its digestive system is specifically engineered with high acidity to kill any germs or bacteria; which is very different to us humans.

Benefits of Raw

Feeding a fresh natural diet provides your dog with so many benefits

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