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The Uberpet Story

At Uberpet we are passionate about dogs and we believe that they deserve to live as healthy and happy a life as their owners. It is this passion that made us want to understand the most nutritional and beneficial diet for dogs. 

Dogs, like humans, suffer from allergies, digestive problems and behavioural issues, such as hyperactivity. This got us wondering, were their conditions, like ours, related to the food they eat. After extensive research into the effects of a dog’s diet, we discovered the BARF diet and raw dog food. From there, Uberpet was born.

The birth of Uberpet

Uberpet was started by a group of dog-loving friends from Manchester. The initial idea came from calling on our own life experiences, and the health issues we have encountered. As a child, Michael suffered from hyperactivity and Vicky is gluten intolerant. Both conditions took a long time to diagnose and affected our formative years, potentially impacting our development whilst growing up. The conditions also have something else in common.

Both were caused by food.

So how did this lead to Uberpet? Ian, who runs his own dog walking business, has experienced similar issues with dogs. While talking to friends in a dog-friendly pub one sunny lunchtime, we decided to look into the comparison further. When setting up our business, Michael’s experience of coaching a local pet business and Ian’s dog walking experience have proven invaluable. To add to this, Vicky spent 15 years in the food industry developing brands and products based on health and nutrition. 

Why raw dog food?

Following extensive research into how diet impacts a dog’s health, we discovered raw dog food and the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding). It became clear to us that this was the most authentic way to feed your dog because it is what a dog’s digestive system is designed for. Simply put, raw meat, bones, offal and fruit & vegetables are all the foods dogs have eaten in the wild since the beginnings of the wolf. We decided then that this was the route we were going to follow and Uberpet Complete Meals was born.

Within weeks, friends who had agreed to try our food with their dogs noted huge improvements in their dogs’  health. Their dogs were itching less, had fresher breath, were calmer and their stools were no longer sloppy and smelly. This demonstrated to us just how important a dog’s diet is and the effect the food they consume has on their skin, teeth and behaviour. In the same way, it did for us in our formative years.


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Our raw dog food is endorsed by:

Oto, a rescue Frenchie, was quite aggressive. Since switching to Uberpet, he is a much happier & calmer dog – Allan Smith 


Jean, a Boxer, is now an energetic, active and balanced Boxer. Her hyperactivity is a thing of the past – Ann Marchant


Betty, a Bichon Frise, now has smaller stools and has stopped itching herself aggressively – Jodie Leah Thompson


Fred, a Basset Hound, was constantly scratching with red raw skin under his legs & had heavy discharge from eyes. Within 3 weeks of being on an Uberpet diet, the discharge was gone and the skin irritation had reduced by 90% – Ian Barlow


Piper, a Japanese Akita, didn’t have any visible issues but as Ian was now feeding Fred with Uberpet it made sense to feed Piper the same. She now has smaller poos and a shinier coat and fresher breath – Ian Barlow